Top 10 Debian Linux packages

Top 10 Debian Linux packages

by , 19 Nov 2007

Debian is a respected free Linux distribution that can be installed on desktop computers with the Windows alternative interfaces of GNOME and/or KDE desktop environments. It is also often used for Linux Apache MySQL PHP(LAMP) based web servers due to it's reliable reputation. It is an excellent choice for lower performance servers when installed without a desktop environment and controlled by command prompts.

Here are some of our top packages for installation on LAMP servers.


  1. Apache 2 Web Services Apache should need no introduction, it is still the most popular HTTP server on the world wide web. It is available for a wide variety of operating systems including Linux, Microsoft Windows, Unix and Mac OS X. Released under the Apache Open Source License it is free software.
  2. MySQL 5 Database Services MySQL is a multi threaded, multi-user SQL database management system (DBMS)which integrates well with Apache web server on Linux and Windows operating systems. It's more recent free community versions support stored procedures and triggers making it a powerful relational database server ideally suited to web applications.
  3. PHP Server Side Script PHP is a server side script language used to develop dynamic data driven web pages. PHP can be compared to other server-side scripting languages such as Microsoft's ASP.NET system, Sun Micro systems' Java Server Pages and Ruby on Rails framework, as they all provide dynamic content to the client from a web server. PHP primarily acts as a filter. The PHP program takes input from a file or stream containing text and special PHP instructions and outputs another stream of data for display.
  4. Exim 4 Email Services Exim is highly configurable mail transfer agent (MTA), and has features that are lacking in many other MTAs. The integration of a framework for content scanning, has enabled the utilisation of anti-virus and anti-spam functionality. Exim has been deployed in busy environments, often efficiently handling thousands of emails per hour.
  5. Courier POP/IMAP Mail Services Although Courier is a full featured mail transfer agent (MTA) I use it to perform final delivery to user mailboxes. Courier-IMAP is a particularly popular combination with Exim when configured to use maildirs.
  6. Spamassasin Spam Protection SpamAssassin is open source software used for email spam filtering based on content-matching rules. It is generally regarded as one of the most effective spam filters, especially when used in combination with spam databases.
  7. Clam Anti-virus Clam AntiVirus (ClamAV) is open source software used for email virus checking at the email server. Both ClamAV and its updates are made available free of charge.
  8. Squirrel Mail Webmail SquirrelMail is a web-based email application written in PHP. It allows users to access email via a web browser. SquirrelMail outputs valid HTML 4.0 for its presentation, making it compatible with a majority of browsers.  
  9. Logwatch Once installed logwatch will capture the most appropriate details from the system logs and email the results each day. The level can be reduced or increased depending on how much detail you need.  
  10. Fail2ban All servers on the internet are probed by people who want to compromise or gain control. Fail2ban is an effective free script which makes use of the inbuilt security mechanisms of Linux to watch for multiple login failures in different service logs. When failures exceed the threshold the user account is banned from access ensuring the server is protected.


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